NYFW 2012

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for awhile but the commencement of New York Fashion Week really gave me a kick in the pants because I want to talk about EVERYTHING that I love. Since we’re only on day three I can’t give a complete list, but I will give five of my favorite looks from the first two days.


  Jason Wu Fall 2012

It was really hard to pick my favorite look from Jason Wu’s collection (because he’s a genius) but this gown is so effortlessly glamourous and timeless.


 10 Crosby Derek Lam Fall 2012

Very close second. I love the color combination and the textures. This is something I could put together so easily and wear every day.


 Jenni Kayne Fall 2012

I live for subtly sexy looks. An oversized coat with just a peek of of fun and flirty hem is just so cool.


 Juan Carlos Obando Fall 2012

Can we talk about this color? It’s so refreshing to see a vibrant color during fall fashion week. Apparently this one has been picked by stylists for the Oscars. I wonder which celeb will end up in it? I could see Jennifer Lawrence in it. Who do you think would look good in it?


  Z Spoke Zac Posen
I’m a long time fan of Zac Posen. He knows a woman’s body and this dress is a classic, sophisticated look that would look beautiful on most women.

Those are my favorite looks from the beginning of the season. What are some of yours?

Photo Credit: http://www.style.com

2 thoughts on “NYFW 2012

  1. Here are my thoughts on each!
    1. Amazingly flawless! It’s like Tango for the runway! I love how it screams sexy, but it doesn’t show any cleavage at all! Total GENIUS!!!

    2. It’s like hipster meets sophistication! Great color coordination, but I’m not a fan of the outer jacket. But, it’s still great!

    3. I love it! It has the 60s retro with the jacket, all the while having the roaring 20s flapper skirt! You summed it up perfectly!

    4. I’m always a sucker for that lime color which is awesome because people don’t normally think of that color for fall! Overall, I love the very chill and loose look all the while keeping it very elegant. I think JLaw would be great in this dress. I don’t know if lime is her color, but she looked great in the yellow dress in the preview! (I still prefer her in red though!)

    5. Oh. My. Gosh. Stunning! It’s extremely simple, but it is gorgeous! And you are completely right, this would look great on almost any woman! Which is why it is great because that is what fashion should really be all about.

    Love your blog!
    -Your Brumbs Co-Host

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