Coachella 2012 Street Style

Because I lived vicariously through everyone else at Coachella via the awesome Youtube live stream the weekend before last, I decided to also pretend as if I were a street style blogger there. So, I’ve compiled my favorite looks from Coachella, courtesy of real street style bloggers :).

I love music festival/concert style. It’s the only time you’re able to go completely hippie/wild child/bohemian and not look like you’re behind the times because you’re constantly surrounded by a cloud of purple haze. Whenever I go to concerts, I just put the wildest outfit together that I can imagine and I know no one will judge me for it. That’s what concerts are for! And, you know, great music.

One day I’m going to make it out to California for Coachella and these are exactly the types of outfits I plan to run around and be freeeee in.


Open back shirts/dresses are definitely a smart way to stay cool in the middle of the desert.


Flower crowns and milkmaid braids. Enough said.


Horizontal and vertical stripes in black and blue are really unexpected.


Leather and pattern.


This outfit is everything. Leopard print is everything.


So feminine and sexy. Polka dots and lace are two of my favorite patterns.


Red hair, red lips, and red fringe.


For the record, I hate rompers. This photo is ALL about the hat. I love hats.

What would you wear to Coachella?


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