City and Colour

My friend shared this song with me over the weekend, and I’ve become obsessed. I had never heard of Canadian artist City and Colour before, but he is quite talented. He plays acoustic and folk music, which is kind of my favorite style of music.

Interestingly enough, he was the guitarist and vocalist for Alexisonfire, which is a band I used to listen to in high school and is quite different from his solo act. Also, how cool is the name City and Colour? It just rolls off the tongue.

I’m sharing the same song she showed me, “The Girl.” It’s really a very sweet love song from 2008. But you should definitely check out some of his other songs and fall in love.


Rihanna’s Birthday Cake

I’ve never been a huge fan of Rihanna, sure her style is amazing and her songs are catchy, but I have never connected with her enough to buy any of her albums. But, I was a big fan of Chris Brown in high school and I even went to his “Fan Appreciation” (read: good publicity) tour post-Rihanna (and I caught some flack for it from a couple of people), but lately he really has not put out anything I want to listen to either.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m not ride or die for either of them but I’m also not against them. I know everyone has their opinions on them remixing each other’s songs and possibly dating again and I wanted to put my two-cents in. I believe in second chances and if Rihanna is willing to give him a second chance then that’s her business, not ours. I think they are a ridiculously good-looking couple and if they are still in love all these years later (and Chris has gotten his anger issues under control) then I wish them the best. Chris made a mistake, I think he has more than repented for it, so I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to continue throwing it in his face. Everyone makes mistakes and you grow from them and move the eff on.

With that said, I’m kind of obsessed with “Birthday Cake,” because it’s so freaking catchy. It’s been on a constant loop in my mind since it came out yesterday. Give it a listen if you haven’t already!

Friday Favorite: Adele

Welcome to the first Friday Favorite! Every Friday I will post something or someone that I love and/or am currently obsessed with. This Friday, I’m profiling Adele. I have an unhealthy obsession with this woman and I’m not afraid to admit it.

If you ever watch her or read her interviews she’s so real and also incredibly humble about her amazing talent. I was thrilled when she swept the Grammys last weekend because she deserved every award she was nominated for. I’ve had her album ever since it came out and I am still not tired of any of her songs, which is saying something for me. Whenever I listen to Adele, I feel like she just gets me and her voice puts my soul at ease as I drift away to another place. And, she is one of the few singers that sounds the exact same live as on recording. Adele is a boss.

And because she is such a beautiful woman, I’m going to end this post with pictures of her.


this month's Vogue cover




I never judge a show by its pilot so I needed to give Smash a second episode before I could form an opinion on it. The first episode was so-so but at the end performance of “Let Me Be Your Star” gave me serious goosebumps and I knew I had to come back. I originally thought Smash would just be a grown-up version of Glee, but I’m glad I was wrong. It’s quite different and they focus more on narrative than musical numbers, which I appreciate.

But, with that said, the dialogue is lacking and the actors do the best that they can with the script. I really like that the musical numbers are incorporated into the storyline and the characters are consciously singing, unlike most musicals where the singing occurs spontaneously and outside of reality.

Here’s “Let Me Be Your Star.” I highly suggest you listen to it. It’s very moving and befitting of anyone who has big dreams; not even in the entertainment business. It describes the yearning anyone has to make a difference in the world. Aspiring politicians, doctors or scientists who want to find cures and vaccines, writers who want to touch the soul of their audience, or teachers who want to leave an impression on the students that come in and out of their lives. We all hunger for a face and a name to remember.

And speaking of Glee, in a strange coincidence “I Will Always Love You” was in the script for last night’s episodes and the decided to keep it in and wrote a nice note at the end for Whitney Houston. Amber Riley sang it very well in my opinion.