Ladies Who Lunch Between Classes

Aside from the fact that one of downtown Athens’ most popular restaurants has an 84 health rating (eww), I really enjoyed my food. I didn’t see the health rating until I was leaving so my opinion of my food wasn’t affected by it.

My good friend Taylor at The Misadventures of a 20-Something Cook invited me to lunch at Trapeze and of course I agreed. I never turn down a chance to eat good food. The interiors were fine enough, not very decorated, it has more of a tavern feel.

I ordered the Beer and Cheddar soup and it was so delicious. I was afraid it might be too rich and I would get tired of it, but I definitely didn’t. It’s garnished with bits of bacon that add a smoky flavor, too.

And then, the universe was smiling down on us because we kept seeing people with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cones and realized it was Free Cone Day. So, being us, we immediately jumped in line. I decided to try something new, since I wasn’t paying for it, and got the Americone Dream, which was good (I mean, it’s ice cream, come on). It’s vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate-covered waffle cone pieces. It still doesn’t beat out Cherry Garcia though.

All in all, it was a pretty successful afternoon :)


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