Friday Favorite: Tacos

Lately, I’ve been ridiculously obsessed with tacos. Last weekend, I ate tacos all three days. I’m not talking about Americanized tacos, I mean Mexican tacos with corn tortillas. Tacos from Agua Linda, in particular. I get the Traditional Mexican Taco trio with carnitas (pork). Oh. My. God. They are so delicious. Unfortunately, they’re photographed in a styrofoam container because I ordered them to-go for lunch while I was at work.

Shredded pork, onions, cilantro, and lime on a corn tortilla.

If you live in Athens, GA or ever visit Athens, you have to eat there. They pride themselves on being the most authentic Mexican food in the city, and from my research (I love mexican food, so I’ve tested just about every restaurant) it is the closest to authentic but it’s still suited to the American palate.

Happy Friday! Eat a taco :)


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